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EASTERN WILD TURKEY(Meleagris gallopavo)

Once upon a time wild turkeys in Maine were unheard of except for the very Southern part of the State. The Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife has been working to re-introduce the Wild Turkey since 1942. Wild Turkey now flourish in many zones throughout the State. Some of the Northern Zones [1-6] have been closed this year because of the severe winter we just had.

Eastern Wild Turkeys feed on acorns, beech nuts, corn, clover and many insects. The Gobblers can grow upwards of 35 pounds and have spurs that exceed one inch.

Maine now has a Spring and Fall turkey season. The permit fee for a resident and non-resident Spring or Fall hunts is $20.00. A permit holder may harvest two bearded turkeys during each season.

For more information on Maine’s Eastern Wild Turkey go to:

Gunsmoke Lodge has access to areas that hold many large Toms. The guides will help with calling the big gobbler into range whether you are hunting with a bow or shotgun.

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