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NORTHERN WHITE-TAILED DEER (Odocoileus virginianus borealis)

Maine is known for its large bodied deer and a trophy deer is often measured for its body weight and not rack size. Taking a buck that dresses out at 200 pounds or more will get you into the Maine Big Buck Club. These large bodied deer have longer legs are able to store more body fat enabling them to survive the long Maine winters when food sources are scarce.

Bucks can grow up to 400 pounds live weight, while they average between 200 to 300 pounds. Does are smaller and average between 110 to 125 pounds. Deer can run near 40 m.p.h. and are excellent swimmers. White-tailed deer have a keen sense of smell and hearing. They eyes are wide and allow them to focus on movement; making them excellent at avoiding detection. They are also vocal mammals, and respond to the correct type of calls during the hunting season.

Deer are selective browsers and as far as herbivores are concerned they consume a large variety of fruits, hard mast (acorns & beech nuts), ferns and mushrooms. Deer like the edges of old cuttings where new growth often appears. For more information on Maine’s whitetail deer go to:

Gunsmoke Lodge has access to areas near Farmlands with clover, alfalfa, old apple trees near mature forest land for cover. These hunts are semi-guided hunts where the guide will also be out in the areas with the hunters. For more information on applying for an Any-Deer permit go to:

Deer Hunting - 6 day hunts

Non Hunting Guests - $100.00 per day

Archery (Bow) Hunting

Archery Deer Hunting - Special Archery License Required. Cost of license is $76.00 per person. Hunt farmland with clover fields, alfalfa fields and apple trees.

50% non-refundable deposit required

Non-Resident License Fees

Above fees do not include agent fees

Hunt Prices do not include:


For 6 Day Hunt:

Arrive Sunday after 2:00 pm, depart the following Sunday by 8:00 am. Please, no early arrivals.