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BLACK BEAR (Ursus Americanus)

Maine has only one species of bear and that is the Black Bear. The only color variations usually shown are a white patch on the chest at times and some bears are all black on the snout and some have brown. Large boars (male) can grow up to live weights of over 600 pounds. The sows (females) tend to be smaller and can grow to over 300 pounds.

Bears are very difficult creatures to judge in the field and the only way to become proficient with this art is by practice. Some key points to look for are the size of the ears in relation to the head and do the legs appear long or lanky. Larger bears have what appear to be short stubby legs and their stomach hangs toward the ground.

Black Bears are ominvores, which means they eat plant and animal matter. For the most part bears are opportunist and eat what is readily available to them. Bears are heavy mast crop consumers and once the acorns and beechnut begin to fall. In the Spring they eat sweat grass and prey on fawns or moose calves. At Gunsmoke Lodge we believe that we have the right combination of bait to bring that trophy bruin into range. Having the right amount of bait and using the right combination of foods at the proper time keeps the bears on our baits longer. By looking at the photos in the Gallery you will see that we are able to keep bears on the baits during the shooting times.

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